Reinventing the way people buy things in stores!

In-store unattended cloud based retail solution.

DMVI Retail

DMVI Retail provides a comprehensive solution that significantly reduces In-Store shrink by providing physical separation between the product and the purchaser while automating the transaction and integrating to the store IT platform.

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Reducing Shrink

Shrink costs the retail industry over $100 Billion annually and poses a strategic threat to brick-and-mortar stores. DMVI leverages its decade-long experience providing unattended retail platforms to address this problem in a way where everybody wins!

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DMVI Retail Platform

Having an installed base in the U.S. and around the world, DMVI Retail platforms  provide a suite of best of breed field-proven technologies and processes that has served the big-ticket non-traditional vending market for over a decade!

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“Traditional solutions don’t work!”

Until now, In-Store Merchants had only two tools for combating shrink. Neither was effective and both created serious problems:

Locking product away

Enforcing a climate of distrust

DMVI Retail Advantage

Bring shrink down to an acceptable level without disrupting operations , destroying employee morale, and driving customers to online competitors

Our Goals

Everybody wins with DMVI Retail!

People hate change. It is hard. Change is disruptive and it can be painful. Change only happens when each stakeholder sees a net benefit from the new system. DMVI delivers net positive benefits to everyone involved:

Our promise to you

Consumers get

A superior retail experience

Employees get

Empowerment and job satisfaction

Store operations get

Simplified processes and superior controls

Corporate management gets

Remote monitoring/management & increased sales

Our Customer Brands

Happy clients all over the world