DMVI Retail Platform

DMVI Retail Platform

Custom Inventory Management

Applying Today’s Best Technology to Reduce Shrink.

The DMVI Retail Platform combines advanced software with robust hardware to reduce shrink and enhance the consumer experience.

The DMVI platform consists of four segments:

1) Best of breed in-store unattended retail equipment

Running a suite of exceptional customer facing graphical user interfaces to provide a superior retail experience.

2) A state-of-the-art hosted server

Providing secure and robust monitoring and management of the field installations.

3) Highly intuitive operator interfaces

Supported by seamless integrations to the store enterprise platform offering efficient and effective operations.

4) Integrations to third party providers

Who add enhanced capabilities to the system and a path to future innovations.

Customer Experience

Best of breed equipment

Adaptable to product shape and size

Highest quality fit and finish

Expandable modular design

Superior consumer GUI based on 10 years of field proven experience

Superior e-tail look-and-feel

Supports video and interactive advertising

Chat capability


Operator interface

10 + years’ experience with third party and in house operators

API library for operator system integration

Upload capability for products and images

Cloning for planogram set up and changes

Machine management

Dashboards & alerts

Custom and ad hoc reporting capabilities

And much more!


Hosted Server

The DMVI hosted server means that DMVI takes the responsibility off your IT team for:

Hardware maintenance and support

Software licenses and upgrades

Cloning for planogram set up and changes

Sys Ops and network management

System security

Regulatory compliance

External integrations


3rd party integrations

No one company can do everything and do it well. DMVI leverages the strengths and experiences of select 3rd party providers to enhance its capabilities in key areas such as:

Payment facilitation

Wireless communications

3d image recognition

Sys Ops and network management

Promotions and advertising content

And much more

DMVI is currently in discussions regarding additional value-added enhancements.

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