Shrink is an existential threat to retail stores!

Retail stores face a seemingly insurmountable task

We Bring shrink down to an acceptable level without disrupting operations, destroying employee morale, and driving customers to online competitors.

DMVI Retail is the only comprehensive solution to this problem – by addressing the underlying elements of shrink in a way where everyone wins!

The DVMI Solution addresses shrink at each of the three key componants.

Reducing Shrink

By changing the face of retail

A comprehensive solution that significantly reduces In-Store shrink by providing physical separation between the product and the purchaser while automating the transaction and integrating to the store IT platform.

Done in a way that enhances the retail experience for customers, empowers employees, improves efficiency and strengthening controls.

Customer Shrink

The DMVI retail platform addresses customer shrink by physically separating the customer from the product until the purchase is complete.

This reduces or eliminates:
In-store product consumption
Damaged/contaminated products
Opened packages (just to see the product)
Items put back in the wrong place
Items put back in the wrong place
Reaching to the back for “fresher products”
Ruined product displays and product merchandising

Employee Shrink

The DMVI retail platform addresses employee shrink by fully automating the retail transaction providing a complete chain of custody for the product.

This reduces or eliminates:
Employee theft.
In-store product consumption
Damaged/contaminated products
Product cannibalization for component parts
Items put back in the wrong place
Lost time looking for lost/missing items
Returns for wrong product
Time & cost of periodic physical inventories

Operational Shrink

The DMVI retail platform addresses addresses operational shrink by seamlessly integrating to the retail store’s enterprise platform providing superior financial and operational controls.

This reduces or eliminates:
Lost, and stolen product
Miss-priced and miss-merchandised products
Lost, missing & expired products
Product adjustments and returns
Physical inventories and reconciliations

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