DMVI Retail

DMVI Retail

Redefining the Future of Retail

DMVI Retail offers comprehensive solutions that effectively reduce in-store shrink, providing physical separation between products and purchasers, automating transactions, and seamlessly integrating with store IT platforms. DMVI carefully tailors its solutions to the unique needs and environment of each of its customers.



Until now, In-Store merchants had only two tools for combating shrink. Neither was effective and both created serious problems:

Locking product away:

Locking products away  ruins the retail experience for customers, creates additional work for employees,  and creates operational headaches for management. It adds costs, and ultimately leads to declining sales.  DMVI offers a means of securing products without these significant disadvantages.

Enforcing a climate of distrust:

Enforcing a climate of distrust  within the store drives customers to your e-commerce competitors. It plays havoc with hiring and retaining good employees at a time of extreme labor shortages. Additional  challenges, include large legal, operational, and administrative costs that can significantly impact your bottom line. DMVI Retail’s innovative and effective solution overcomes these obstacles and creates a thriving retail environment that attracts and retains customers while fostering a positive and productive workforce.



DMVI Retail presents a comprehensive and innovative solution that effectively reduces in-store shrinkage. DMVI Retail takes a multi-faceted approach to shrink,  physically securing products with  an electronic chain of custody from the warehouse to the customer, automating transactions and seamlessly integrating into its retail customer’s IT platforms. DMVI Retail  addresses shrinkage while elevating the overall retail experience, empowering employees, improving operational , and strengthening l controls.

This groundbreaking approach creates a secure and trustworthy shopping environment, actively deterring theft and minimizing the risk of product damage or loss. Moreover, by streamlining transaction processes, DMVI Retail enables employees to  devote their time and energy to delivering exceptional customer service. This in turn improves employee morale,  ultimately driving customer loyalty. DMVI applies its decade-long experience delivering best of breed unattended retail solutions.  As such, DMVI Retail is poised to offer a substantial competitive advantage,

Additionally, through real-time monitoring and management of inventory, pricing, and sales data, retailers gain valuable insights that inform data-driven decision-making. This allows retailers to proactively mitigate shrinkage risks optimize resource allocation and fine tune marketing and promotions. With DMVI Retail, management can transform their retail operations, reduce losses, increase profitability, and establish a thriving retail environment that stands out in today’s hyper competitive market.


The comprehensive nature of DMVI Retail’s customized solution ensures that all aspects of the retail ecosystem are considered, from customer experience to employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and financial controls. By addressing these key areas, DMVI Retail empowers retailers to overcome challenges and seize opportunities, creating a sustainable and successful retail business that remains ahead of the curve.



DMVI Retail delivers net positive benefits to everyone involved.

Customers get

A superior experience

Employees get

Empowerment and job satisfaction

Store Operations get

Simplified processes and superior controls

Corporate Management get

Remote management and increased sales


Rich customer user interface based on 10+ years of screen-driven transactions.

Overall e-tail look and feel

Three click to purchase architecture

Consumer interactions like a chatbot

web managed content for remote management

age verification and other AI-powered functions

Phone app capable

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